Metal Bending

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We are using modern CNC bending machine “Tumpf Trubend 3100EX”. The advanced 5-axis press brake allows to perfectly bend complex items and guarantees the accuracy and quality of our products. The combined CNC crowning enables to accurately bend long items (up to 3000 mm). We are using special software to evaluate metal bending possibilities and create production process.

Metal bending machine:

  • Power – 100 t.
  • Bending length – up to 3 m.
  • CNC controlled axis: 5 (X, Delta X, R, Z1, Z2)

Our metal bending advantages

Why should You trust us to provide metal bending services?

Short terms

Your order will be accomplished within 5 to 10 working days from the order submitting. You will get the price offer within 24 hours.

Only the highest quality

You will get precisely bent, appropriately packed parts - no further processing required.

Advanced technologies

We use an advanced 5-axis bending machine with crowning mechanism and 3D visualizations.

Competitive Price

The best price – quality ratio. If You have a better price offer we are ready to negotiate.


Get your products on time. Timely execution of orders is one of our main priorities.


We have been providing sheet metal fabrication services for more than 25 years. Customers can be confident that orders will be fulfilled properly.



TRUMPF GmbH is the world’s technological leader in industrial sheet metalworking equipment manufacture. Modern equipment ensures the accuracy and quality of the metal products and minimizes probability of errors.

TecZone Bend offline programming
Automatic creation of a program proposal based on 2D, 3D data. 3D bending visualization, simulation and problem detection before the production process.

5-axis backgauge (X, Delta X, R, Z1, Z2)
5-axis CNC controlled backgauge enables to bend pats of various complexity.

Crowning self-regulating
Combined crowning enables to accurately and evenly bend long items.

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International shipping

We deliver our production to all countries in the world. We cooperate with variuos logistics companies looking for the best solution for our customers. 

Benefits for the customer:

  • DDP delivering.
  • Delivering our production to any country. Before ordering please contact us.
  • Delivering by trucks and sea shipping.

The highest quality standard

We have implemented the highest quality management standard ISO 9001, which allows us to better manage the company’s quality processes and improve customer satisfaction.

Benefits for the customer:

  • The client’s needs are clearly identified.
  • The planning, execution, control and performance improvement processes are clearly defined within the company.
  • The quality of products, processes and services is clearly managed.
    Resources are used efficiently.
  • Risk assessment and risk management are carried out on an ongoing basis.
  • Effective communication between the client and company representatives is ensured.

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More then 25 years of experience in sheet steel production. Looking for someone to do the sheet metal work? Feel free to contact us.
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Marius Babachinas

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