Privacy policy

1. General Terms

1.1. Personal data protection is an important issue. We collect, analyse and use Your personal information for different business purposes and for providing proper service.

1.2. Personal data is used according General Personal data protection regular (GPDPR), Lithuanian Republic Personal data legal protection law and other legal acts.

1.3. This Personal data privacy policy regulates UAB „Igneta“  website visitors’ personal data collecting, analyzing and protecting principles, aims and order.

1.4. Searching in our website ant leaving Your personal data You agree that “Igneta” will manage and use the information according this Privacy Policy and other legal acts of personal data protection aims, means and order.

2. Aims of using Your personal data

2.1 Your personal data is used and managed for the following purposes:

2.1.1 For providing proper services. Your data is required to directly answer Your questions, providing information, price offers and consultations. 

2.1.2 For perfectioning of our website and offering better service. Your personal data which we gather when You visit our website (e.g. statistical data about the frequency with which You visit our website or separate pages) is used to perfect and develop our website and to offer You better and more adapted services You need.

2.1.3 For market purposes. To guarantee constant website services development and offering You the best service. UAB “Igneta” has the right to use Your personal data for marker purposes when You give Your consent (e.g. ticking to agree to get our newsletter). You can cancel Your agreement any time writing an e-mail to the administrator of our website

3. Collecting and protecting personal data

3.1 Personal data provided by our clients

If You want to communicate with “Igneta” or get some answers to Your questions we need You to provide us with this personal data: name, e-mail address. This data will be safely stored in our data base for two years and then removed. 

3.2 “Cookies”

3.2.1 Our website is using “cookies”. Small files are temporarily installed into Your device’s hard disc and allows us to identify You during next visits to our website.

3.2.2 By using “cookies” the anonymous, statistic data can be collected about Your visits to our website (session ID, date, pages, time, used browser, device type, city, country, language ant other information provided by You in Your browser).

3.2.3  You agree to use “cookies” by following means:

a) not deleting them and (or) changing Your browser’s parameters as to not accept “cookies”;

b) You declare Your free authorization to use “cookies” by pressing “accept” in our webside indication “We use “cookies” in this website”. 

3.2.4 Detailed information about using “cookies” in our webside.

3.2.5 You can cancel Your authorization to use “cookies” any time by changing Your browser’s parameters as not to accept “cookies”. How to do that depends on the operational system and internet browser You use. Detailed information about “cookies” or

3.2.6 In some cases switching off “cookies” (especially technical and functional), not authorizing or deleting can slower browsing, limit the operational functions or access to some internet websites.

4. Passing personal data to third parties

4.1 Without legal basis we do not pass Your personal data to third parties or change it in any way without informing You beforehand.

4.2 We can pass Your personal data to some companies helping us to carry out activities (e.g. website hosting service partners). We require that Your personal data would be used according to our regulations and active personal data protection law and other acts. We have mutual agreements strictly obliging both parts to follow personal data protection requirements. 

5. Links to other sites

5.1 Our website can contain links to other sites which do not belong to us or are administrated by us. Pay attention that we do not take responsibility for their privacy policy. If You are redirected to such websites where personal data could be collected, please carefully read the personal data protection policy of each and every of such websites. 

6. How to contact us?

6.1 UAB “Igneta” company code 148136541, address Paliuniskio g 7A, LT-35113, Panevezys, Lithuania

6.2 More information about our private policy – data protection specialist Marius Babachinas, tel.n. +37065694835, e-mail

6.3 Please send all documents regarding our private policy to the address or e-mail stated above. 

7. Final rules 

7.1 By using our website and its services You confirm to have read our private policy requirements and agree with all conditions.